We're weaving our magic again.

New styles. New textures. New colors.

Welcome to innovation and heritage.

Guilford of Maine has intertwined 150 years of know-how with thoroughly modern colors, patterns and textures to create brand-new upholstery and acoustic fabrics. These stunning fabrics pay tribute to our long-standing heritage while embracing current trends. Welcome to vintage—with a contemporary twist.

Lustrous surface. Cost-effective acoustic solution. Let the party begin.

Guilford of Maine is adding 4 new colors to its glamorous Studio 54 line of soft-silver and gold-hued acoustic fabrics. Inspired by the bygone disco era, these rich, enameled-looking fabrics bring energy and brilliance to any decor. Moreover, they are bleach cleanable as they are made of 100% solution dyed fiber.

Great acoustic transparency
Pliable and flexible for easy installation
Affordable high-performance
White Heat
Light up their senses.
Offering never-ending style and a crisp, cool look, White Heat will cast a new light on your one-of-a-kind decor.
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Feel the warmth.
Standing the test of time, Stardust provides calming light that adds just the right level of sparkle to any accent wall.
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Embrace the movement of light.
Celebrity allows light to play on its liquid silver color to create stirring atmospheres that are sure to delight and dazzle.
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Black light
Brilliantly bold and black.
Black Light makes a bold statement—in the subtlest way possible. On par with today’s minimalist design trends, our famous Black Light nevertheless beckons attention.
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Available in 15 colors.

Fine seating starts here.

Unbelievably uplifting. Guilford of Maine’s new upholstery styles evoke a sense of timeless energy and brightness. Available in three different patterns; small-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale, these designs blend perfectly together to create dynamic atmospheres.

2136-1216 Poppy 2136-1216
2136-1212 Bisque 2136-1212
2136-1211 Taupe 2136-1211
2136-1210 Ash 2136-1210
2136-1222 Flannel 2136-1222
2136-1217 Burgundy 2136-1217
2136-1215 Blush 2136-1215
2136-1213 Butterscotch 2136-1213
2136-1214 Chartreuse 2136-1214
2136-1220 Jade 2136-1220
2136-1221 Pine 2136-1221
2136-1218 Cerulean 2136-1218
2136-1219 Blue Marine 2136-1219
2136-1223 Ebony 2136-1223
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Can you feel the energy?
Synopsis is very versatile as it is suited for both seating and vertical use. It shows a nice, soft scale of texture and a beautiful color range. It is also bleach cleanable, allowing for use in the most demanding installations—all while maintaining its original appeal.
Available in 14 colors. NRC: .90
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Crimson 9533-5050 Crimson 9533-5050
Zebra 9532-5020 Zebra 9532-5020
Steel 9532-5010 Steel 9532-5010
Morel 9533-5031 Morel 9533-5031
Nougat 9533-5030 Nougat 9533-5030
Lawn 9533-5070 Lawn 9533-5070
Royal 9533-5060 Royal 9533-5060
Navy 9533-5041 Navy 9533-5041
Charcoal 9533-5040 Charcoal 9533-5040
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Add some pixelated panache.
Excerpt features a classic, pixelated pattern that creates a feeling of movement. Inspired by Guilford of Maine’s archives and the stippling technique in art that originates back to the 16th century, Excerpt adds a polished texture and accent color to any seating arrangement.
Available in 9 colors.
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Scarlet 9534-5030 Scarlet 9534-5030
Cornsilk 9534-5010 Cornsilk 9534-5010
Tan 9534-5040 Tan 9534-5040
Pewter 9534-5050 Pewter 9534-5050
Graphite 9534-5063 Graphite 9534-5063
Cranberry 9534-5062 Cranberry 9534-5062
Apricot 9534-5011 Apricot 9534-5011
Ivy 9534-5051 Ivy 9534-5051
Teal 9534-5021 Teal 9534-5021
Admiral 9534-5060 Admiral 9534-5060
Slate 9534-5020 Slate 9534-5020
Midnight 9534-5061 Midnight 9534-5061
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Glorious graphics.
Lexicon combines the fluidity of fractal patterns with just a touch of boldness to make your seating stand out in all of its glory. The two-color graphics can be mixed and matched for a harmonious, yet versatile, look.
Available in 12 colors.
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Follow the leader

Guilford of Maine has been the fabric of timeless style, legendary performance and unmatched quality. Inspired to do what’s right for our customers, the company draws on its rich history of weaving textiles to craft fine woven goods — and continuously reinvents itself as customers’ needs evolve.

With a long-standing heritage of quality, Guilford of Maine is an iconic brand that has made its mark in the textile industry.

Guilford of Maine Proudly woven in North America

Our story

Our legacy began in 1865. And for over 150 years, Guilford of Maine has created a wide variety of fabrics that are renowned for their exceptional value, consistency and functionality.

First to develop acoustic technical materials in the 1970’s, Guilford of Maine’s commitment to innovation is matched only by a respect for our roots, which are tightly woven with craftmanship, expertise and the love of fabrics.

Experience the Guilford of Maine difference

Guilford of Maine places customers at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are looking to order samples or require additional information on any one of our products, our team is dedicated to weaving their magic and helping you find the right fabric for your next project.


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